Air and Sea Studio: Introduction

Hello all!

I've started this blog to give the world an insight on what Air and Sea Studio is all about, concerning introductions, reviews, projects completed and in progress, design ideas, client interviews and more! Let me introduce myself.

My name is Alex Krivanek and I am a Production Artist at Branded Custom Sportswear - NIKE. I am a Production Artist by day, and Graphic Designer by night. I graduated from the University of Central Missouri in 2015, and just recently married the love of my life this last March of 2018.

I had many dreams of starting my own graphic design business or studio, and slowly but surely those dreams are coming true. I recently partnered with two good friends that are helping that dream become a reality. 

Air and Sea Studio is composed mainly of freelance graphic design, but our majority of products and designs are created for wedding clients. We branch out and put personal designs in certain trade-shows and First Fridays around town, only because we don't want to put a limit on our design skills.

We are based in Kansas City, and will soon be floating around First Fridays and are in the process of signing up for other trade-shows and conventions around town! If you have any other ideas or events you would like to see us at, let us know! I will post more information in later posts, but for now, this should do it as an introduction. I will introduce the Air and Sea partners in later posts as well. I will also do art reviews, product reviews, and anything else that gets requested in the future.

Alex out!

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